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Who we are and what we do

The Oakridge Neighborhood Association (ONA) is a voluntary association of homeowners, renters and community representatives who work to maintain and improve the quality of life within the Oakridge subdivision of Garland, TX.

The ONA was incorporated when the original by-laws were generated in 1992.

Oakridge is located in the northwest part of Garland, TX and is bordered on the north by Beltline Road, on the east by Shiloh Road, on the south by W. Buckingham Road and on the west by Jupiter Road. Duck Creek Golf Club is in the middle of the neighborhood.

Because ONA is a neighborhood association (NA) rather than a homeowner's assocaition (HOA), the dues are voluntary. Membership is open to all residents but participation is optional. The ONA has no legal authority to enact or enforce maintenance or design requirements beyond those established by city ordinance.

Although participation is optional, the dues collected are used to directly improve the neighborhood. The majority of ONA expenditures goes towards landscaping and maintenance of the Oakridge Neighborhood entrances. The remainder of the funds are used to publish the newsletter, provide food for fire stations 3 and 11 on Thanksgiving and Christmas, and neighborhood events.

The ONA is governed by 14 elected volunteers who live within Oakridge with leaders being elected at a general membership meeting each year. Elected positions include Officers, District Directors and Committee Chairpersons.

Oakridge Neighborhood Association By-Laws

Proposed By-Laws Changes

Oakridge Neighborhood Association Board Members

President Dwight Davis
Vice-President Mark Edwards
Secretary Sharon Parrish
Treasurer Meg Green

District 1 Nancy Whitson
District 2 Open
District 3 Open
District 4 Keta Woods & Tom DeBeaudry
District 5 Open
District 6 James Aaron
District 7 Barbara Mairs

Membership Cheryl Jones
Safety Debra Pandak
Communications Dylan Hedrick
Environmental David Parrish

The ONA is partitioned into seven districts with the streets per district are listed below. Each district has a District Director.

District 1: (10 Streets with 184 Homes)
  • Ridge Oak Drive
  • Ridge Oak Place
  • Ridge Oak Court
  • Bending Oaks Trail
  • Beaver Run
  • Greenview Circle
  • Greenview Drive
  • Ridge View Lane
  • Golden Oaks Drive
  • Diamond Oaks Drive (beginning at 2325 and ending at 2521)

District 2: (8 Streets with 154 Homes)
  • Diamond Oaks Drive (beginning at 2001 and ending at 2322)
  • Lone Oak Trail
  • Rocky Trail
  • Oak Point Drive (beginning at 3001 and ending at 3126)
  • Oak Springs Drive (beginning at 2901 and ending at 3017)
  • Moss Trail
  • Shady Oaks Court
  • Rolling Oak Lane (beginning at 2101 and ending at 2222)

District 3: (3 Streets with 141 Homes)
  • Overview Lane
  • Peakwood Drive
  • Hearthside Lane

District 4: (7 Streets with 152 Homes)
  • Grand Oak Drive
  • Windy Ridge Lane
  • Willow Ridge Drive
  • Winding Oak Trail
  • Rolling Oak Lane (beginning at 2001 and ending at 2013)
  • Oak Springs Drive (beginning at 2701 and ending at 2817)
  • Oak Point Drive (beginning at 2601 and ending at 2937)

District 5: (4 Streets with 190 Homes)
  • Laurel Oaks Drive
  • Laurel Oaks Court
  • Big Oaks Drive (beginning at 2901 and ending at 3221)
  • Stoneridge Drive (beginning at 2801 and ending at 2882)

District 6: (6 Streets with 124 Homes)
  • Meadowridge Drive
  • Richland Drive
  • Suncrest Drive
  • Creighton Drive
  • Crestedge Drive
  • Stoneridge Drive (beginning at 2610 and ending at 2742)

District 7: (6 Streets with 221 Homes)
  • Big Oaks Drive (beginning at 2501 and ending at 2842)
  • Pepperidge Drive
  • Pebblestone Drive
  • Hickory Bend Drive
  • Richoak Drive
  • Fulton Drive


We need your support to help keep our neighborhood one of the best places to live in the Metroplex.
Membership dues are $60 per year.

Oakridge Neighborhood Association Membership Form

Please print out the form and mail it along with your check (for $60) as indicated on the form.
Oakridge Neighborhood Association
P.O. Box 450145
Garland, Texas 75045-0145

Or pay on PayPal. Note that the payment is $3 more on PayPal to cover the transaction cost.

Contribute to our beautificaiton fund:
Your contribution helps fund:
11 issues of the ONA Newsletter
Landscaping and maintenance of all Oakridge neighborhood entrances
Mowing, edging, fertilizing, weed control, trash pickup, water and utilities of the entire perimeter of the Oakridge neighborhood
Christmas decorations throughout the neighborhood from Thanksgiving through New Year's Day
Other capital improvements to the neighborhood (as funds allow)

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Postal Address:
Oakridge Neighborhood Association
P.O. Box 450145
Garland, Texas 75045-0145

General Information: ONA President Dwight Davis: dwight@dwightdavis.org
Website and Community Newsletter: ONA Communications Director: Dylan Hedrick, dylan.hedrick@gmail.com

Corporation Profile

The Oakridge Neighborhood Association (ONA) was established in 1992 as an incorporated association of homeowners and tenants residing in the Oakridge Addition to the City of Garland, Dallas County, Texas. The ONA is a 501(c)(4) corporation consisting of a general membership, elected officers, Board of Directors, and various committees. The fiscal and operating year of the Association is June 1 through May 31 of the following year.